Music makes pictures and often tells stories ...

all of them magic, all of them true...John Denver 




~ singing you home ~

singing at the bedside of those who are terminally ill.

~ Olde time Cuntry Music! ~


HeartSong Music Services, offers private and group music therapy sessions for seniors, adults and hospice/palliative clients, entertainment for special events, care centers, weddings and memorials, as well as voice and beginner guitar lessons,

and elder companioning


HeartSong Music Services, located in Vancouver, BC, Canada, is owned by Shannon Ingersoll, BMT, MTA, a music therapist, singer/songwriter and community builder with diverse creative and therapeutic tools who is passionate about helping others find their 'heartsong', using music and other creative modalities to create space for clients self-expression and successful social connection.


"Shannon is a truly gifted and genuine person who's music has the ability to stir emotion in a uniquely special way.


Shannon is the definition of a music therapist and it is a blessing to experience it."


- JZ Bown, R. Ac.

(Acupuncturist, Theta Healer®, Teacher, Writer)

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