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"If you cannot teach me to fly,

teach me to sing."  - J.M. Barrie

Want to feel more comfortable singing along with others, or lead your own sing a long with confidence? Perhaps you want to jam along with others on the guitar? 


Shannon has over 30 years of vocal education and performance experience in classical voice, opera and traditional folk music.  Her music therapy training and experience  has enhanced her skills as a performer and teacher, so that each student gets a tailored lesson that suits their needs.


Her introductory series (6 Lessons) will offer you an opportunity to learn basic technique and develop good practice habits over a short period.

You may want to enhance your skill as a singer or learn the basics of guitar chording.  Shannon will work with you, create a plan of learning

and get you well on your way!


For more information or to book a lesson,  CLICK HERE

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