"Shannon played songs that made my mom smile and laugh and made us cry ... took my mom back to a time when she was happy and without pain."    - Hospice client


My current schedule is quite limited, please CONTACT ME and I will do my best to find you the support you need.

Music Therapy is a young, but well established and respected profession in Canada.  Music carries an innate healing power and Music Therapists are highly skilled in using music and its elements to effectively treat clients of all ages, abilities and ailments.  The Canadian Music Therapy Association states that Music Therapy,


" ... is the skillful use of music and its elements by an accredited music therapist to promote, maintain and restore mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.  Music has non-verbal, creative, structural and emotional qualities.  These are used in the therapeutic relationship to facilitate interaction, self awareness, learning, self expression, communication and personal development. "


I believe that music has unlimited power to connect with and assist with the healing journey of any person regardless of culture, language or ability.  Music opens our spirit and connects us with our emotions and creates community with others.  As a singer, I believe that singing allows us to make our voice heard in a peaceful way that allows others to hear.  Singing shares our heart and tells our story and the more we learn about each other, the more potential there is for understanding and peace in the world.


I am a community-focused, client-centered therapist who specializes in working with seniors with alzheimer/dementia, adult trauma and palliative/hospice care. To learn more,  CLICK HERE


For more information about Music Therapy in BC:   Music Therapy Association of BC


For more information about Music Therapy in Canada:   Canadian Association of Music Therapy


I am Music. I am your hearts' voice, your memory, your emotions inspiration.  

I desire to give you only what you need in each moment.    

Only call to me, I will respond by soothing, inspiring, or evoking a laugh.  

I am for living in this moment, for the memories you feel and for the unknown to come. Shannon Ingersoll