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We offer our gift of song to those who are near the end of life and who feel music would support them. A small group of 2-5 singers will come to your home and offer a short session of unaccompanied music. Families and loved ones are always welcome in the sessions as well. We offer a wide range of music to match the kind of support that is needed at the time, including requests of favorite songs. Sessions are offered free of charge throughout Vancouver and the surrounding area.

The Intuitive A Capella Singers (IACS ) are a group of five women: Valerie Bird, Shannon Ingersoll, LaRee Mohr, Karin Roberts and Susan Summers, who love to sing. We are each accomplished musicians and vocalists with many decades of experience singing with others.


We began our journey together in 2009 in response to an idea: to create a group whose intent is to explore our voices (through chants, toning, original and precomposed songs) and in particular to create harmonies intuitively - each 'listening inside' for her individual voice and spontaneously offering it to the song.

Over the last decade, the focus of our group has evolved. We have presented at provincial and national conferences in Canada, performed at fundraisers and coffee houses, and led participatory workshops and community singing events that offered others an opportunity to develop trust and playfulness with their own singing and harmonizing abilities.

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